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Geothermal Heat Pumps

Capital Electric Cooperative promotes and stocks Enertech® geothermal heat pumps and other energy-efficiency products. With products designed for cold climates, Enertech® offers the most efficient, comfortable, reliable and quiet heat pump available today. With installations for both commercial and residential projects, our complete line includes forced air, hydronic, combination, and domestic hot water units.

Forced air heat pump systems are commonly used in homes today. Conventional ductwork distributes hot or cold air and provides humidity control. Enertech® products that can be used with this type of system include:

Hydronic heat pumps heat or chill water which is used in a wide variety of distribution systems including: radiant floor, cast iron radiators, baseboard hydronic, and fan coils. Typical applications are residential, commercial and industrial. Other uses are: ice rinks, fish farms, snow melt, car washes, dairy farms or any other application that requires heated or chilled water. Enertech® products that can be used with this type of system include:

Combination heat pumps offer the best of both forced air and hydronic in one unit. In addition to the standard forced air heating and cooling capabilities, the Enertech combo also offers hydronic distribution for operations such as radiant floor, cast iron radiators, baseboard hydronic and fan coils. Enertech® products that can be used with this type of system include:

Another forced-air option is the split system. This sytem utilizies an existing furnace or air handler with a geothermal air coil to heat or cool your home. With the split coil, you can utilize most of your existing system but gain the advantage of a high-efficiency geothermal heat pump as well as an easy way to qualify for Capital Electric's dual-fuel heating rates. For more information click here:


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