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Heat Pump Water Heaters

How would you like to save up to $320 per year by heating your water in a more efficient manner? The heat pump water heater is the newest technology in water heaters. Capital Electric is an authorized dealer of the GeoSpring™ hybrid water heater by GE. Using the same technology as an "air-source" heating/cooling system, the GeoSpring™ draws ambient heat from surrounding air using two variable speed fans. Coils wrap the tank all the way to the bottom and transfer heat to the water inside the tank.

The GeoSpring™ provides the same recovery as a traditional 50-gallon standard electric tank water heater. It also fits in the same area as a standard water heater, with a height of 60 1/2" and a width of 21 3/4".

Call Josh or Jared in our Energy Services department at 701-223-1513 to find out more about this innovative product, and ask if rebates and tax incentives are available! To visit the GeoSpring™ web site, click here.

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